The Yarra 3 Bedroom Granny Flat Design

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Whether you’re a property investor looking for modern accommodation to rent out or a growing family looking for a bigger space in your existing neighbourhood, the Yarra granny flat design provides smart and contemporary living solutions for anyone.

The Yarra was created to cater to customer demand for a functional 3 bedroom granny flat design, which is primarily used by property investors in suburbs around universities.

Clever Design Solutions

Due to the SEPP restrictions of a floor area of 60sqm for a granny flat, any design needs to be well thought out to make the most of every square meter and still have a useable living space. The utilisation of space is especially important in a 3 bedroom design and the Yarra does this really well. We have built The Yarra design for many clients, particularly in suburbs surrounding Newcastle University.

This 3 bedroom granny flat is an example of the first Yarra design we built for clients who owned a property in Lambton, close to Newcastle University.

Seamless Transition

Featuring a compact kitchen adjoining the living room, the Yarra’s open concept makes it possible to move from one area to another with ease.

The open floor plan also leads to a small porch for entry and exit, creating a smooth flow between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

With the proper placement of windows and doors, the design can still allow furniture to be placed and a comfortable living space achieved.

If you are interested in the Yarra design or would like to see our range of designs click here to download a flyer.

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