The Ultimate Guide to Granny Flat Designs

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Welcome to the ultimate guide to granny flat designs. From bustling young families wanting some extra space to senior couples looking for a peaceful retirement retreat, there’s a gorgeous granny flat for every need.

When it comes to figuring out the perfect floor plan, consider key factors like price, accessibility and number of bedrooms. But in addition to budgets and blueprints, remember to go for a granny flat design that really feels like home.

Whether you’re after lots of room for dinner parties, a cosy lounge for two or enough bathrooms to avoid morning squabbles before school, it’s important to explore your options and make sure you’re choosing the right layout for your lifestyle (or that of the tenants you’re aiming to target!).

With this deep dive into design, we’ll cover the various sizes, styles and features available as we introduce our collection of award-winning, affordable and customisable granny flats. Each of these designs can be carefully tailored to suit your plot of land and will be constructed entirely on site.

So without further adieu, let’s take a look at some layouts!

1 Bedroom Granny Flat Designs

With a minimum size of 36m², our compact yet comfortable 1 bedroom granny flat designs are best for:

  • Grey Nomads who need a modest base for big adventures.
  • Parents planning to provide a little living space for their not-so-little kid.
  • Families wanting a private guesthouse.
  • Homeowners looking to invest in an Airbnb of their own.
  • Retirees wishing to downsize and free up extra dollars for that quality lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.
  • People with a disability who long to live autonomously despite needing at-home support.
  • Families caring for elderly relatives who want to skip nursing home living altogether.

Easily the most affordable option out there, a survey of nine companies from Sydney to Newcastle shows that you can expect to pay a total of $100,000 – $120,000 for a 1 bedroom granny flat – a turnkey price that should encompass site costs, design and approvals, construction and standard inclusions.

A word of warning: if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. We’ve seen prices as low as $80,000 floating about! While seemingly cheap and cheerful, numbers like this often fail to include heaps of hidden costs that rear their head down the line. Don’t fall for it.

Now back to the fun stuff! Check out our 1 bed designs below.

The Seaforth

The Seaforth granny flat design

Simple yet sophisticated, the Seaforth can be scaled anywhere from 36m2 to 60m2. Adaptable to a wide variety of backyard spaces, this contemporary granny flat design is a popular choice for homeowners with modern main houses.

Inside, the galley-style kitchen stands out with a splashback window feature that overlooks an open-plan dining and living area. To brighten this entire space with natural light, a large corner window brings the outdoors in. You’ll also discover a large master bedroom with a built robe and plenty of room for a king-sized bed.

Then it’s on to the bathroom, a spacious design complete with a corner shower. Looking for the laundry? Designed to be compact and inconspicuous, this feature is found in a separate hall cupboard, hidden away when not in use.

Learn more about the Seaforth granny flat design.

The Bardo

The Bardo granny flat design

Proof that less is more, the compact Bardo granny flat has been a long-time favourite across Newcastle and the Central Coast. Designed with minimalism in mind, this elegant design cuts down on cleaning and clutter to give you more space and serenity.

With a bright, open-plan design, the functional granny flat features a contemporary kitchen that blends seamlessly with its dining and living area. You’ll also find a generous bedroom with a large bathroom and an internal laundry.

Learn more about the Bardo granny flat design.

2 bedroom granny flat designs

Starting from 60m², 2 bedroom granny flats offer a long-term strategy for investors and families alike. This size is a crowd pleaser with more than its fair share of potential applications, including:

  • An Airbnb getaway.
  • A property investment (whether an awesome launch pad for first-time investors or the latest addition to a positively-geared portfolio).
  • A place to live on Mum and Dad’s property for any kids trying to save for a house deposit.
  • A private home within a home for grandparents wanting to live closer to their grandkids.
  • A smart living solution for any retirees looking to downsize and release the money tied up in their original residence.
  • A comfortable, cost-effective alternative to Aged Care living.

A survey of 9 companies from Sydney to Newcastle suggests that these 2 bedroom homes generally cost anywhere between $135,000 and $145,000. Bare in mind that this is the full turnkey price, covering everything from site fees, design and approvals to build and standard inclusions.

Discover our 2 bed granny flat designs below.

The Silverdale

The Silverdale granny flat design.

There’s a reason or two why the Silverdale has won an MBA award for its superior design! Showcasing a stunning double skillion roof and a customisable floor plan, you can enhance this home even further by adding front and rear patios in various sizes – it’s all up to you.

Inside the spacious 60m² granny flat are two comfortable bedrooms, a large bathroom and an internal laundry. A raked ceiling and highlight windows bring the open plan living area to life, creating a sense of extra space.

Learn more about the Silverdale granny flat design.

The Fairlight

The Fairlight granny flat design.

Designed for those who value easy flow between indoor and outdoor living spaces, the 60m² Fairlight granny flat combines modern style with relaxed comfort. Featuring a strong skillion roof that extends over the front patio, the external façade compliments the contemporary interiors.

You’ll notice the spaciousness as soon as you walk through the door, thanks to highlight windows that shine an impressive amount of natural light on the open-plan living and dining area. From here, the two bedrooms are complete with built-in robes, while the laundry is tucked away off the living area.

Learn more about the Fairlight granny flat design.

The Myall

The Myall granny flat design.

With bright n’ breezy beach vibes, the Myall is one of the most requested flats in our designer range.

This modern granny flat features a dual skillion roof, two generously-sized bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, a large bathroom and an internal laundry with a linen closet. The Myall’s modern, open plan kitchen has a breakfast bar that overlooks the stylish living room and sleek sash windows. But the real standout feature? Its beautiful porch creates a smooth flow from inside to outside, creating the perfect space for entertaining and relaxing on balmy summer arvos.

Learn more about the Myall granny flat design.

The Newington

The Newington granny flat design.

A designer 60m² granny flat, the Newington is the perfect solution for homeowners with long, narrow backyards. Featuring a modern skillion roof and raked ceilings, this granny flat design is truly something else!

Unlike other granny flat designs, the Newington’s two bedrooms have been placed at opposite ends of the building for privacy. Meanwhile, its spacious living area and galley-style kitchen are located in the heart of the home. To top it off, they open onto a front patio (thanks to highlight windows that flood the interiors with natural light, this outdoor living space is more of a luxury than a necessity!).

Learn more about the Newington granny flat design.

The Orana

The Orana granny flat design.

If you’re after a sophisticated and modern granny flat design, the Orana is your answer. With a unique L-shape design, this flat offers an alternative layout to fit a range of backyards.

The Orana welcomes visitors with a beautiful entry porch. Inside, plenty of glazing brightens the open-plan kitchen, living and dining space with streams of natural light. Further on, two bedrooms boast built-in wardrobes, while the large bathroom with built-in laundry makes for an impressive use of space! This granny flat also offers an optional porch off the living area, with heaps of room for outdoor relaxation.

Learn more about the Orana granny flat design.

The Elanora

The first and most popular 2-bedroom granny flat we’ve ever designed, our wonderful Elanora is an all-time favourite!

With its clever use of space, this design keeps both bedrooms and the bathroom separate from the entertainment area – a smart recipe for happy families!  There are plenty of windows and large glass doors throughout the home, but you can add some more character to its exterior with an optional patio for alfresco living. Alternatively, enhance the open-plan lounge, dining and kitchen even further by including a breakfast bar for extra storage and seating.

Whatever you choose to do, our in-house architectural designers are here to help you make the Elanora design your very own.

Learn more about the Elanora granny flat design.

The Berrigan

The Berrigan granny flat design.

Small but mighty, the Berrigan packs 2 bedrooms and 2 ensuite bathrooms (one large enough to include the laundry) neatly into a comfortable design for everyday living.

Perfect for student accommodation and group housing, the kitchen flows seamlessly into the living and dining area. This open floor plan allows for rays of natural light to brighten up the interiors and create an airy, roomy feel! With an optional front patio for even more space, this smart design can be tailored to your storage needs and personal preferences.

Learn more about the Berrigan granny flat design.

The Allambie

The Allambie granny flat design.

One of our best sellers, the Allambie shows off modern architecture at its best. From the skillion roof to the built-in wardrobes, this smart design makes for a contemporary yet comfortable home.

As well as two spacious bedrooms, a bathroom and laundry, this granny flat features an open-plan kitchen, living and dining space. Large windows not only illuminate this entertainment area with natural light, but also offer uninterrupted panoramas of the great outdoors. Last but not least, the front alfresco area provides some extra outdoor living space made for good times with family and friends!

Learn more about the Allambie granny flat design.

The Alba

The Alba granny flat design.

One of the latest, most modern additions to our range, the Alba granny flat is all about keeping things sleek. Bringing a fresh new look to the table, this design features a dual skillion roof with opposing angles for a contemporary feel. But it’s not all sharp angles and crisp lines. The centrally located timber door gives a traditional touch that welcomes you inside!

The Alba has two bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, a shared bathroom and laundry, and a large open-plan living and dining area. To top it off, there’s also the option to include a side alfresco deck – because where better to sit back, relax and watch the sun go down?

Learn more about the Alba granny flat design.

3 bedroom granny flat designs

Large enough to fit the whole family, 3 bed granny flats bring the benefits of a standard house for a fraction of the cost. Just note that as you’re limited by the regulatory max. secondary dwelling lot size of 60m², you’ll have to forego some of the kitchen and living room space to create the third bedroom.

Typically, a complete 3-bed granny flat costs anywhere from $145,000 to $155,000 – that’s full turnkey, ready to move in. Judging by a survey of nine companies from Sydney to Newcastle, it’s likely that this build will add value to your property and reap massive returns as a rental property!

That’s why this size is such a popular choice among investors with backyard space to spare. Whether building an Airbnb in a holiday hot spot or student accommodation near a university, you could earn thousands of dollars every year in extra income!

Explore our selection of  3 bedroom granny flat designs below.

The Yarra

The Yarra granny flat design

With a gable roof and smart 3-bed design, our functional Yarra granny flat is ideal for shared living and student accommodation.

All bedrooms have large, built in wardrobes, while the spacious dual-purpose bathroom doubles as the laundry. Its open floor plan features a compact kitchen with a lounge that leads to a small entry porch, creating a smooth transition between the indoor and outdoor living areas. This flow is complimented by the careful placement of windows and doors. All about comfort and convenience, the Yarra is one of our most popular designs.

Learn more about the Yarra granny flat design.

Two storey granny flat designs

Backyard Grannys two-storey granny flat design

Two storey granny flats strike the perfect balance between cost-effective and commodious living. This makes them a favourite among investors and families with big plots or rear lane access to the backyard.

Our digging into nine competitors reveals that two storey granny flats are being advertised at about $190,000 to $250,000. Like other designs, this low-ball price is often misleading and followed by a trail of hidden costs. In reality, you’re looking at a range of $220,000-250,000 in total. This is pretty reasonable for a spacious, modern family home with all the features you could want!

Complete with a sleek steel staircase and enough room for two cars in the garage, check out this Newcastle gem to see why the investment is worth it!

Discover our new range of designer façades

With a whole new set of façades available for our designer granny flats, you can tailor your building’s exterior to match your taste and compliment your primary residence. From the ultra contemporary to the timeless classics, these stylish façades make for the ultimate curb appeal.

First up is the Modern façade, with its crisp, clean lines creating a sense of sophisticated minimalism. Just as sleek yet slightly edgier, the Industrial style is another option for those drawn to contemporary frontage.

If you’re after a more traditional look, check out the Hamptons façade and its beautiful pillared porch. Alternatively, consider the Country façade with its charming old-time feel.

Can’t make up your mind? See your options in action below.

Found your dream granny flat?

From the contemporary to the charming, the roomy to the cosy, we’ve got plenty of innovative granny flat designs to choose from. The hard part is picking your favourite!

If you’ve found The One, get in touch with the Backyard Grannys team today and we can take you through the next steps. Alternatively, we’re always happy to provide more information on each design so that you can reach the right decision.

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