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There’s no denying that designer granny flats provide one of the best compact and practical living solutions, whilst still being within an affordable price range.

With flexible designs and generous interior spaces, granny flats are a ‘new’ and popular living option. Due to their excellent rental returns, should you decide to rent it out, granny flats are also a quality investment.

At Backyard Grannys, we provide a range of designs to suit your unique budget requirements and lifestyle needs. If you are looking for a designer granny flat with modern and contemporary living, the Orana design might be the right choice for you.

Modern Design

Incorporating an L-shape design, the Orana is functional and stylish and provides an alternative shape to fit a variety of block sizes and shapes.

The home interior features two bedrooms with built in wardrobes. It also incorporates a large proportion glazing in the design which gives the design a boost and provides with plenty of natural light streaming through to the interior.

The Orana can be externally finished in a variety of different ways including designer range weatherboards, brick veneer and poly panel render.

Open Floor Plan

So if you’re someone who enjoys inviting people to your home, the Orana designs open floor plan is perfect for you to interact with your guests no matter where you are in your house.

The design also incorporates an ample size bathroom with built in laundry which makes for impressively efficient use of space.

Elegant Exterior Aesthetics

Designed with an entry porch and an optional side patio, the Orana not only furnishes your house with aesthetically beautiful entrances but also gives your visitors a welcoming experience.

Besides enhancing the aesthetics of the Orana, the addition of a patio adjoining the living room provides additional living space for indoor/outdoor living.

Let us help you create your dream space. Call us on 4947 2800 and we can discuss your designer granny flat.


The Orana – Backyard Grannys

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