New laws make clearing trees around your granny flat much easier

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In light of the destructive bushfires that swept NSW last summer, the State Government have cut the red tape that existed regarding the removal of trees on properties.

The new laws enable residents within designated bushfire zones to prepare their homes by clearing trees within 10 metres of their property – and this includes granny flats.

In addition, shrubs and other vegetation can be cleared within a 50-metre zone of the residence.

This new law is now referred to as the ‘10/50 vegetation clearing entitlement area’. A great image has been created by the Rural Fire Service to demonstrate what this means.

tree clearing granny flats

  Image from RFS.

The 10/50 rule applies only for those properties within a designated bushfire zone and clearing must only be done if you are the landowner or have the approval of the landowner.

The distance begins from the external walls of the building, including permanent attached fixed structures such as a garage or verandah.

To learn more the RFS have devised a Code of Practice, otherwise you can visit their website.

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