Interesting Info 2 – Secondary dwellings (granny flats) can be built at the same time as a new principal dwelling

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Did you realise that granny flats and new houses can be built simultaneously and with a single complying development certificate.

The latest State Environment Planning Policies (SEPP) rules released earlier this year advise that you can actually erect a new primary dwelling and include a granny flat – attached, within or detached from the main dwelling.

This presents a fantastic new opportunity and provides more options for professional property investors and regular families (mums and dads) looking to build a new home in Newcastle or on the Central Coast. Families can use a combined house and granny flat to create a place for those who need a space of their own, such as elderly parents, grey nomads or those generation Y children who haven’t left home. Alternatively, the granny flat can be rented out and become an additional source of income in these challenging economic times.

Something that is becoming increasingly popular with property investors is building new homes including a granny flat within (under the one roof). The tax depreciation advantages are significant as both the new house and granny flat can be depreciated at the maximum rate, unlike adding a granny flat to an existing property. A combined house / granny flat development using a complying development certificate can also be a more streamlined process and significantly cheaper development than building a duplex or similar development via a full council development application (DA).

So if you have a vacant block or wish to do a knock-down and rebuild, then talk to us about the option of building a combined house and granny flat using a single approval.

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