Donate an Hour, for breast cancer support

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Supporting the community we work within is something the Backyard Grannys team is passionate about. We don’t just work in the Hunter region, we live here too.

Our most recent charity undertaking is to support the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation in their ‘Donate an Hour’ campaign. It’s such a simple idea and a great way for businesses to encourage philanthropy. All you do is donate an hour of your pay to the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation. So if you earn $50 an hour, donate $50 – if you’re lucky enough to earn $500 an hour, donate $500!

The Foundation is a locally run organisation which assists people who are going through breast cancer treatment. It is a grassroots charity that relies on the generosity of Hunter businesses and people. So we encourage you not only to donate an hour of your pay, but tell other people about this charity as well.

They have a great tagline – “Hunter people helping Hunter people” – and that’s exactly what we’re doing here.

To learn more, click here.

To donate now, click here.

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