Designer Granny Flats – the next evolution of backyard buildings

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We enjoyed reading a recent article in Domain (full article here) about ‘backyard buildings’, aka a granny flat, because it echoed what we are hearing from our clients.

One of the key reasons our clients ask us to build them a granny flat is because they want more space and privacy, but still want to keep their loved ones close by. Rather than going through a costly and time-consuming process of moving house, more people are deciding to build a granny flat in their backyard to house elderly parents or long staying grown children.

We have been building granny flats for nearly six years and while the majority of the granny flats we have built have been for property investors, that trend is starting to change. In the last six months, we have seen a large increase in the enquiry level for people building for their family members.

The Domain article also covers some of the design elements our team consider when discussing new projects with our clients. This includes privacy, considering future uses of the granny flat, the choice of finishes, budget and connection (or not) to the existing dwelling.

The designer granny flat examples in this article replicate some of the requests we are getting from our clients. Due to having an in-house architectural designer we are able to accommodate these custom designs.

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