Central Coast granny flat a personal paradise

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A client recently presented us the opportunity to design and build a unique Central Coast granny flat. Customisation and luxury came together on this build and we again found ourselves with a successful outcome and a satisfied owner.

A vacant space on Malinya Road, Davistown is now home to an architecturally designed granny flat similar to The Yarra – a granny flat with three bedrooms and one bath with a total area of 60 square metres. This granny flat was customised to only have two bedrooms, one bath, and a much bigger open-plan living area.

The key element of customisation on this granny flat project is that it is built up high due to the restrictive flood zoning applicable to this block of land.

With the challenge of living in a flood zone taken care of, the granny flat makes good use of the water views available. The large hardwood deck located at the front of the flat overlooks the pleasant surroundings and makes for a stunning outdoor entertainment area.

A four-stacker entrance door is used to open up the home. The open-plan style brings the kitchen and living room together in harmony and the resulting front room appears spacious, really doing justice to the small home. The bathroom/laundry combination saves space by occupying the same room, which again allows for a bigger common area. Fixtures include kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathroom mirror, shower, toilet, dishwasher, and an oven/stovetop.

Our clients were thrilled to move into their new custom-built home. To learn more or enquire about your very own Central Coast granny flat, fill in the form below.

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