Central Coast two storey granny flat

We recently finished our blog series about the process of building a two storey granny flat which we built on the Central Coast. We have created one final blog to recap the series and provide all [...]

Building a two storey granny flat: complete/final Inspection

At Backyard Grannys we have a high standard when it comes to building our granny flats. This means that not only are we working to meet deadlines that suit our clients, we also want to ensure [...]

Building a two storey granny flat: internal linings and fit off

In the past few weeks we have been explaining the Backyard Grannys construction process, using a recently completed granny flat as an example. This blog is the 5th in a series of 6 blogs with us [...]

Building a two storey granny flat: lock up phase

Building a two storey granny flat is a step-by-step process, and in this blog series we are walking you through each phase, using a recent project as our granny flat case study. In previous blogs [...]

Building a two-storey granny flat: constructing the slab and frame

This blog is the third in a series of six, following the process of building a two storey granny flat. You can read the first and second blogs to catch up on the initial stages we discussed. The [...]

Come and Visit our Two Storey Granny Flat!

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Building a two storey granny flat: Site Preparation

This is the 2nd blog in a series of 6 about the process of building a two storey granny flat. In Australia, there’s been an increase in homeowners and investors building granny flats within their [...]

Build a two storey granny flat: The process from start to finish

Backyard Grannys are passionate about creating high quality, affordable granny flats in Newcastle, the Central Coast and Sydney. Our granny flats are designed to cater for a wide range of client [...]

Stylish Sydney new home build for young couple

  We recently completed the construction of a new two storey home for a savvy young couple that wanted to capitalise on their existing investment property. The couple had purchased the block [...]

Architecturally designed two-storey granny flat

Our #BackyardInspiration was in full force when we saw this great article on a two-storey granny flat, featured on Domain. Many people don’t realise the flexibility offered by granny flats, [...]

Did you know you could build two-storey granny flats?

One of the things we love about granny flat construction is new clients are frequently surprised at how personalised and functional a granny flat can be. One seemingly ‘best-kept-secret’ is that [...]