Sydney brick granny flat a backyard oasis

We often say that a granny flat is a small home and this recent project is a perfect example. Nestled in the backyard, overlooked by beautiful gum trees and surrounded by lush landscaping, this [...]

Strong Northern Beaches property market results in more granny flats

If you’re one of the many who’s looking to invest on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, it’s starting to develop quite a queue! We have noticed a significant upswing in Northern Beaches granny flat [...]

Stylish Sydney new home build for young couple

  We recently completed the construction of a new two storey home for a savvy young couple that wanted to capitalise on their existing investment property. The couple had purchased the block [...]

Picture perfect Sydney granny flat

We recently completed a custom designed Sydney granny flat that we think looks just picture perfect! The floorplan has two bedrooms, with entry to the bathroom from both of them, an open plan [...]

High quality Sydney brick granny flat

This Forestville granny flat was custom designed and built to suit the requirements of the owners and the constraints of the site. This granny flat is located on the block facing the back fence, [...]

Sydney granny flat creates space for parents

  One of the many uses for a Sydney granny flat is to create extra living space for extended family members. This was the case for this family, who were running out of space having their [...]

Sydney granny flat just like a small home!

With a number of smart additions, this recently completed Sydney granny flat is much more like the size of a small home, than your usual granny flat. Whilst the Backyard Grannys team are able to [...]

Great things come in small packages for this Sydney house

The Backyard Grannys team has started work on the construction of a small home in the suburb of Plumpton in Western Sydney. The project is a subdivision of a corner block which cleverly [...]

A Sydney granny flat to cater to the experienced investor

Michael is a young, but experienced, property professional who is actively engaged in building a residential property portfolio. He came to Backyard Grannys with a set budget and looking for a [...]

Garage attached to Sydney granny flat to maximise space

There is a wide range of ways that our clients can have their granny flat designed and this recent project is a great example! The owners wanted to not only have a granny flat built, but also [...]

A custom design Sydney granny flat to provide the right solution

The first question many people ask when they see this Sydney granny flat “Is that a small house or a granny flat”? The finished product, as can be seen in the photos, is amazing and the client is [...]

Sydney granny flat results in a positively geared property

If you’re a property investor wanting a stream of cash flow, a positively geared property is the solution you’re looking for – and a Sydney granny flat can help you with this result. A recent [...]

Brick finishes are on-trend for Sydney granny flats

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Backyard Grannys is our flexibility when it comes to design and materials. This becomes particularly important in the different locations where we build [...]

Sydney granny flats now available

Backyard Grannys are pleased to announce their expansion into offering Sydney granny flats. Director Alex Mitchell said that they are excited about broadening their geographic reach. “Building a [...]