Lake Macquarie granny flat keeps the family close – but not too close!

A shift in the makeup of Australian families is inspiring more property owners to build a granny flat in Lake Macquarie. More young people than ever before are choosing to live at home with mum [...]

5 common myths about granny flats

In recent years the popularity of granny flats has increased in Newcastle and the Central Coast, stemming from strong housing price growth and the need for affordable housing. Whether you are [...]

Slab vs Bearers and Joists – which is better for a granny flat?

When it comes to building your Newcastle granny flat one of the earliest decisions you will make is will the foundation be a concrete slab or bearers and joists? We have written this blog to [...]

6 Top Tips for Living in a Granny Flat

Granny flats are a great option to live in and we have seen many of them built for multiple purposes over the years. They have been built for elderly parents, property investors, pool houses and [...]

Newington granny flat design maximises open plan living

Backyard Grannys newest designer granny flat, The Newington, was designed with long and narrow backyards in mind. This granny flat design features a skillion roof with raked ceilings and [...]

7 things to know when building a granny flat

The addition of a granny flat is a smart way to increase the value of your property – by boosting the amount of liveable space. Whether it is to be a granny flat to accommodate downsizing [...]

7 reasons why granny flats make the ideal home for seniors

As our loved ones begin to age, discussion inevitably turns to their accommodation needs and deciding on the best environment in which they will feel comfortable, happy, safe and supported. For [...]

Is my backyard suitable for a granny flat?

This is one of the first questions Backyard Grannys is asked when fielding new enquiries from potential builders: will a designer granny flat fit in my yard? The second question is usually about [...]

7 tips for making granny flats more spacious

Decorating your granny flat does not mean you need to compromise on the feeling of space or luxury. There are many ways to keep your space looking modern and bright and we would love to share [...]

Designer Granny Flats – the next evolution of backyard buildings

We enjoyed reading a recent article in Domain (full article here) about ‘backyard buildings’, aka a granny flat, because it echoed what we are hearing from our clients. One of the key reasons our [...]

Granny flat inspiration from George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

We’ve recently discovered the TV show on the Lifestyle Channel called George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and we think it could provide some great inspiration for granny flat or building [...]

Sydney granny flats can be stylish too

We were recently re-reading a great Domain article that discusses the top interior trends for 2015 and it was a great reminder about the journey granny flats have taken. Granny flats admittedly [...]

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