Tight site access no problem when building this Newcastle granny flat

We’ve build hundreds of granny flats over the years and every site is different and presents varying challenges. For a recently completed Newcastle granny flat tight site access was the issue at [...]

Central Coast granny flat maximise ROI for property investor

We often talk about the different uses for a Central Coast granny flat and many property investors have caught on to the benefits of maximising their yield by building a granny flat. This [...]

Maitland granny flat perfect as an Airbnb

We recently completed a Maitland granny flat on a picturesque property in Louth Park, which is planned to be used as a short-term rental property. During the planning stages the owners requested [...]

Sydney granny flat display home now open!

If you have been considering building a Sydney granny flat but wanted to get a better idea of what the finished product would look like, now is your chance! We have recently completed a granny [...]

Lake Macquarie granny flat built for Mum!

One of the frequent reasons we have clients come to us for a granny flat is to be able to have their parents close by, but with their own space – and this is the case for this Lake Macquarie [...]