Building a two-storey granny flat: constructing the slab and frame

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This blog is the third in a series of six, following the process of building a two storey granny flat. You can read the first and second blogs to catch up on the initial stages we discussed.

The next stage is a milestone for our clients, where we form and pour the slab and stand the treated pine timber frame.

For this project, laneway levels were higher than the backyard, so in consultation with our client we built up the floor level approximately 500mm, using a concrete drop edge beam slab and fill to raise it above the laneway.

After erecting the form boards, we installed the waffle pods (refer to the photo below). It allows more accurate specification of concrete quantities, reduces waste, and ensures efficiency. This was followed by fixing of reinforcing the steel to control cracking and increase the strength of the slab.

Prior to pouring concrete, the certifier inspected the slab. After this approval, we poured the concrete.

Once the slab was completed, the next phase was to install the termite protection barrier. The ground floor treated pine frame followed next, as well as the floor system for the second floor.

We then erected the scaffold and finally, stood the frames and trusses on the second floor.

During the framing stage we took drone footage of our site team putting up the frames and trusses. Check the video out below!

In the next blog we talk about the granny flat lock-up phase! If you would like to know more about granny flats call us on 4947 2800 or click here to fill in an online enquiry form.

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