Building a two storey granny flat: complete/final Inspection

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At Backyard Grannys we have a high standard when it comes to building our granny flats. This means that not only are we working to meet deadlines that suit our clients, we also want to ensure that all our workmanship is of the highest quality. In previous blogs we have been detailing the construction process for one of our clients, to give you a bit of an insight into all the elements that occur.

This is the 6th and final blog in the series of building a two storey granny flat.

This last blog is all about ensuring that the final product is what the client wants and expects. Toward the end of the construction, one of the owners of Backyard Grannys, Mark Neumann, conducted a pre-practical completion inspection to ensure that everything in the project adhered to the local building codes and all other important Australian standards. Mark has high standards himself and is always looking at the granny flat as if he was the home owner himself.

After the thorough inspection, we informed the client that the property was fit for occupation and booked a time to meet them onsite to perform the final inspection. We call this milestone the Practical Completion meeting and we also ensure that one of the Directors attends, as well as the building coordinator (Jack, in this case study).

During this meeting we asked the client to examine every room and key features of the property to ensure they look and work as they should.

We signed off all relevant paperwork for the Private Certifier to issue the Occupation Certificate. The final payment was made by the client, and we did an official handover with them onsite.

At the handover the client received a detailed handbook containing information about their project, a copy of the plans, engineering, selections, warranties, maintenance information as well as the keys to their new granny flat.

Our clients were very happy with the finished product and generously let us use the granny flat as a one off display. They plan on renting out this granny flat in the near future.

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Look out next week for the final photos of this two storey granny flat!

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