Lake Macquarie granny flat keeps the family close – but not too close!

A shift in the makeup of Australian families is inspiring more property owners to build a granny flat in Lake Macquarie. More young people than ever before are choosing to live at home with mum [...]

Family living made possible with a Medowie granny flat

When looking to make life easier for families, granny flats are an investment many clients turn to. This is what property owners Tracey and Tony can attest to after working with our team to [...]

12 Coal St Abermain

Lake Macquarie granny flat makes the perfect investment property

Many clients come to us to discuss how a granny flat can be used as a property investment strategy. Take Terry, for example, who came to us about his property in the Lake Macquarie suburb of [...]

A new spin on the traditional Newcastle granny flat

A recent Backyard Grannys designer granny flat project in the Newcastle fringe suburb of Adamstown Heights was unlike anything the team had faced before. The owner, Sue, had very specific ideas [...]

Newcastle Herald highlights award-winning designer granny flat

We always feel a buzz when our designer granny flats are showcased in the media, and this time our award-winning Silverdale was the focus of a Newcastle Herald Weekender article on the rise of [...]

Diana Voikin

Hutchinson St, Redhead

Albury St, Abermain

Catherine Mifsud

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