The Alba – 2 bedroom granny flat design

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The Alba is one of our newest granny flat designs in our granny flat range and one of our most modern-looking options. Its sleek and fresh style gives new life and it contrasts with the traditional view of what a granny flat looks like. It has two bedrooms – both with build in wardrobes – as well as an open plan living area and a shared bathroom and laundry.

The contemporary look of this granny flat has a lot to do with the dual skillion roof. The opposing angles of roof make each side of the home provide a modern touch. One of the nice design elements of The Alba, is the incorporation of a timber front door that is centrally located. By placing it here, it makes this granny flat feel more like a small home.

This granny flat features an open-plan kitchen and living area. This results in no barriers via walls and doors, which again makes the small home feel bigger. This also allows you to entertain without missing out on anything.

The design of this particular granny flat has the option of a side alfresco deck. As mentioned above, this feature also makes entertaining friends and family easy! It’s the perfect spot to relax and catch that refreshing afternoon breeze.

Click here to download the Alba floorplan today.

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