7 tips for making granny flats more spacious

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Decorating your granny flat does not mean you need to compromise on the feeling of space or luxury. There are many ways to keep your space looking modern and bright and we would love to share some of our tips with you.

  1. Choose one type of flooring

To create a nice free flowing feeling, we suggest you choose one type of flooring to be run through your living and kitchen areas. A wider floorboard or larger tile gives the flooring an expansive look.

  1. Paint in light colours

Painting in light or pale colours creates the feeling of more space. The light colours bounce the natural light around the room. If you paint your skirtings and door architraves in a slightly lighter shade than your walls, it will also make these surfaces visually recede. 

  1. Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors

Mirrors are an obvious choice for creating the illusion of space. The benefit of mirrors in your granny flat is they reflect natural light and visually expand spaces.

  1. Sliding doors

Hinged doors that need space to swing take up valuable space. Opting for external glass sliding doors is a great option to increase your internal light and extend your line of sight into the garden. Internally, the installation of timber cavity sliding doors are also very effective way to create more space.

  1. Minimalist Furniture

Steer clear of large and bulky pieces of furniture. Instead opt for small, space saving furniture. Choose a sofa with legs, to raise it off the floor and select small side tables instead of bulky coffee tables.

  1. Multipurpose spaces

Don’t let extra space go unused. Create a small office nook by utilizing an empty space. By building a simple and efficient workstation into the wall, it takes up little room and leaves an open path to the bedroom.

  1. Use your walls

Utilize your wall space to perk up your granny flat. Use white picture frames and small wall items to keep your granny flat looking stylish, but spacious.

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