7 reasons why granny flats make the ideal home for seniors

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As our loved ones begin to age, discussion inevitably turns to their accommodation needs and deciding on the best environment in which they will feel comfortable, happy, safe and supported.

For many older people this will mean downsizing from the family home, which is a huge decision in itself. But where to from there? For those older singles and couples with no significant medical issues to consider, there are several Seniors housing options:

  • Retirement Village
  • Manufactured Home Village
  • Move in with Family
  • Granny Flats

Retirement village living is a popular choice for people who feel they need more security, support or company, but want to maintain their independence. Units are self-contained and many come with small yards. However, rather than buying the dwelling, you’re generally buying the right to occupy it. In addition, there will be monthly charges to cover the cost of running the village and hidden exit fees may also be applied when you transition to a higher-care environment.

Manufactured home villages are an option for people who like the idea of a ‘holiday lifestyle’. Often co-located within holiday parks, the land on which the small, relocatable home sits is leased under a contract sometimes spanning several years. Additional fees may need to be paid to access amenities such as swimming pools or excise centres, and permanent residents are exposed to the busy nature of peak holiday season.

Another option is to consider moving in with family members, which in many cultures is a given, but often seniors may feel like an imposition or that they’re independence is being eroded.

The most cost-effective option is closer to home than some may think. The construction of a designer granny flat on existing land – either that of the family home or a close relative – can maintain independence and privacy while providing the familial support of loved ones.

There are many reasons why choosing to invest in a granny flat can be the ideal option for Seniors housing:

  1. Accessibility 

    The older we get, the more difficult it can be come to stay mobile. Large houses can be hard to maintain. With our granny flats taking up no more than 60 square meters, everything is as close as possible and easy to access – but still spacious enough to ensure you don’t feel closed in.

  2. Customisation

    Following on from accessibility, our granny flats are also a great fit for seniors because of their customisation options. If you struggle with stairs or are in a wheelchair, we can build your home on a slab or with ramps instead of stairs. If you use a walking frame, we can use a large entrance door (or even double doors) to make sure there is plenty of room for you to come and go as you please.

  3. Individuality 

    Unlike some retirement villages or serviced units, a granny flat can be built to include whatever features are desired. Fixtures and finishes, flooring, window furnishings and the like are the decision of the owner and don’t require the approval of a body corporate.

  4. Low maintenance

    A smaller residence means smaller space to maintain and the granny flat occupies land that generally would have been lawn or gardens.

  5. Close quarters

    Your new granny flat can be built on the same property as your family. Forget the hassle of moving in with them and consider how much easier it would be to have your peace and quiet at home, as well as the option to duck in and visit your loved ones when needed.

  6. Stay local 

    Many retirees even choose to build their granny flat on the land of their main dwelling, so they don’t even have to move neighbourhoods! They then either rent out the main dwelling or have a family member or friend move in.

  7. Affordability 

    You’ve saved for your retirement, you should be able to enjoy it – not wasting it all on where you live with ongoing strata fees, maintenance fees or, eventually, exit fees. With construction costs starting from $105,000, a brand-new granny flat is wise financial option. For more information, check out our ultimate guide to granny flat prices.

The feature photo above is of our very first granny flat we built, which was for Anne, so she could be close to her family yet maintain independence.

           “I’d like to say thank you for doing such an excellent job when you built my 2 bedroom granny flat in 2011. I can’t fault the quality of the workmanship and I am also delighted with my kitchen. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who would like a quality home built and they are welcome to look at my house if you wish.”

Click here to read about Annes granny flat and see more photos.

These are just a few of the reasons granny flats are the perfect option for seniors. It’s in the name: a flat made specifically for grandparents. This housing option literally has your name written all over it! To learn more, fill in the form below.

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