6 Top Tips for Living in a Granny Flat

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Granny flats are a great option to live in and we have seen many of them built for multiple purposes over the years. They have been built for elderly parents, property investors, pool houses and holiday accommodation, just to name a few.

Living in a small home or a granny flat in Newcastle is not about giving up your space, it is about being more selective with what you buy, what you keep and how you store it. Minimalism has been a running trend for a number of years now and there are many books and TV shows about this popular topic. If you watch Netflix you will know all about Tidying Up with Marie Kondo!

In this blog, we outline our 6 top tips for living in a granny flat. Our tips come from the various granny flats we have built over the years and the clever designs we have created to utilise space.

1. Storage all the way up to the ceiling

Utilise your ceiling height and wall space by taking cupboards and shelving all the way up! Keep your paint colours neutral and use your books and ornaments for colour and character.

Floor to Ceiling Storage Backyard Grannys
Photo sourced from My Domaine Home.

2. Study Nook

A study nook is a great idea as an alternative to an office, especially for a granny flat. They have also been a recent trend in new home designs, integrated seamlessly into the home. If there is some empty space that you want to utilise, turn it into a study nook! We can build the desk into the wall space available so it is ready to go.Check out this little study nook we added in to this granny flat, which is The Newington from the Backyard Grannys designer range.

3. Consider a breakfast bar or island bench

Breakfast bars and island benches are a great use of space and very easily incorporated into any granny flat kitchen. The majority of our kitchens are designed with either a breakfast bar or island bench and our team can advise you on what might suit your kitchen best for space and utility. Breakfast bars also provide several additional advantages in a granny flat; they provide always important storage and as the name says can also be used as an alternative space to eat meals.Have a look at this island bench we installed in a granny flat kitchen.


4. Lighten up your space

A granny flat floorplan is limited to a maximum internal living space of 60m2 but you would be surprised at how large this feels, especially when you add in a raked ceiling with highlight windows! This is an excellent way to create light and a spacious feeling in your granny flat.Backyard Grannys award-winning granny flat, The Silverdale, features raked ceilings and highlight windows.

Silverdale Jewells granny flat

5. Bathroom illusions

There are a few great ways to make your bathroom appear larger than it really is. When you are selecting your tiles choose a larger format floor tile and opt for large white rectangular wall tiles. Give your bathroom a modern edge by choosing matte black tapware and LED downlights to really brighten it up.

Silverdale Jewells granny flat

6. Bring the outside in

Another great way to utilise your granny flat space is by creating seamless indoor/outdoor living! Majority of our clients add a patio or timber deck to their granny flat to achieve this. One way to further enhance this idea is by installing bi-fold doors or a large sliding door, this helps create the illusion of bigger space. The other clever way is to add a kitchen servery window which connects you to the outside and makes moving food and drinks exceptionally easy!We recently built a kitchen servery for a granny flat which is used as a holiday home!

Backyard Grannys - Newcastle granny flat

These are just a few great ideas for your granny flat and as the granny flat experts, we can answer any questions you might have on your granny flat journey. Fill in the form below to speak with one of our granny flat experts.

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