5 Tips for Selecting a Granny Flat Builder

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Once you have made the decision to invest in building a granny flat, the next step is to decide on who will be your builder.

It’s important to also ensure you select a reputable granny flat company to complete the construction.

Like anything, you need to be aware that not all granny flat companies are the same or build to the same standards. Some companies are not licensed builders and are only acting as project managers.

So how do you know who to choose?

Here are five tips to help you:

  1. Ask the granny flat company if they are a licensed builder and request their license number. You can then also do a free licence check on the Fair Trading website.
  2. Ask for references and a list of completed projects. Where possible, ask if you can walk through a completed granny flat to check the quality.
  3. Check that the granny flat company know about all the rules in the NSW Legislation enabling granny flats to be built via a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)?
    – Do they know there is a minimum block width of 12m, not just that the block must be more than 450sqm?
    – Do they know there are 3 different boundary offset requirements depending on the size of the block?
    If they do not know answers to these questions then they are most likely not experienced granny flat builders.
  4. Make sure the company’s website is professional and informative. If they do not have a professional website or all the information you need about their company, then you need to ask yourself if they will be professional when it comes time to build.
  5. Check the inclusions in the quote. Make sure you always compare “apples for apples” when examining different companies quotes. Some companies will only quote the bare basics and leave out things such as essential service connections to make their quote look cheap in comparison to their competitors.  Sometimes when you thoroughly assess the cheapest price and obtain costs for the “gaps” you find the companies’ final price can be higher than the other companies that had everything included in the first place. Head over to our ultimate guide to granny flat prices to learn more!

Not surprisingly, here at Backyard Grannys we aim to make you feel comfortable and confident in your decision to use us. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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