Newcastle granny flat custom designed for corner block

When these clients came to us with their granny flat project, we knew we could make the most of their corner block. The shape of the block allows the residents of the granny flat to have private [...]

Central Coast two storey granny flat

We recently finished our blog series about the process of building a two storey granny flat which we built on the Central Coast. We have created one final blog to recap the series and provide all [...]

Building a two storey granny flat: complete/final Inspection

At Backyard Grannys we have a high standard when it comes to building our granny flats. This means that not only are we working to meet deadlines that suit our clients, we also want to ensure [...]

Building a two storey granny flat: internal linings and fit off

In the past few weeks we have been explaining the Backyard Grannys construction process, using a recently completed granny flat as an example. This blog is the 5th in a series of 6 blogs with us [...]