10 reasons to choose a custom granny flat over a kit home

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If budget is a major factor, many people consider that granny flat kit homes are a great solution and more economical than a custom built granny flat.

On face value this may seem correct, however in many cases kit home companies do not provide a full turnkey price like that of custom granny flat builders such as Backyard Grannys.

Often many significant elements are left out of kit home company quotes, including

  • council or complying development approvals,
  • connection of services,
  • essential items such as water tanks.

Blinds, floor finishes, clothes lines and letter boxes are all other items that are often not included in kit home quotes but are included in many custom built granny flat quotes.

Below are 10 quick reasons we believe it is a smarter move to choose a custom built granny flat over a kit home.

  1. Turnkey price | Total cost of building are known when a contract is signed (check out our ultimate guide to granny flat prices for all things cost!).
  2. No transport requirements | Therefore no cost of transportation
  3. Quality | Your granny flat should be just like a small house
  4. Custom built | This ensures it will suit the block of land
  5. Design | Flexibility in your design choices and finishes
  6. Full Project management | At Backyard Grannys our professional project coordinators will walk along side you through design, approval and construction.
  7. Location options | Option to build attached to existing home
  8. Extras | All service connections included
  9. Council Approvals | No issues with council approvals
  10. Timeframe | Guaranteed timeframe of 12 weeks to build with Backyard Grannys

Contact us to learn more. Alternatively, head over to our ultimate guide to granny flat designs for more information.

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