Invest in building a granny flat and earn big bucks
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Granny Flats can provide an average return on investment of between 10-20%

There are not many opportunities where a return of up to 20% or more could be achieved. By having one of our granny flats built on your existing property it will provide a whole other income stream for you.

Furthermore, reported in recent years that the weekly asking rent for a granny flat rose 5.95%, this was a higher rate than house at 3.9% and apartments at 1%

Example Of How A Granny Flat Can Put Money In Your Pocket

Below is a simple example of how you could have a positively geared investment earning you $10,000 per year.



Cost to Build a Granny Flat ($)
Rental Income Per Week - Granny Flat ($)
Current Mortgage Interest Rate (as a %)
Rental Income Per Year - Granny Flat 0
ROI - on Granny Flat0
Annual Repayments on Granny Flat Investment
Net Annual Return on Investment 0
Net Monthly Return on Investment 0


This calculator is designed to be used as an indication only, and when used alone, does not constitute investment or financial advice. Backyard Granny's strongly recommended you seek the advice of a financial services professional before making any type of investment. The calculator results show the value your property could increase by when adding a granny flat.

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