Fullerton Street, Stockton

When retired farmer Bruce Mudford was looking for ways to increase his investment income he was stumped, until his daughter suggested building a granny flat in the backyard of his existing Fullerton Street, Stockton rental. After the 12 week build the site which had been returning him $420 a week is now returning $740 a week.

This two-story granny flat is a great example of the flexibility in our design options. The ground level is a double garage, with a spacious 2-bedroom granny flat on the first level. It has a kitchen with modern appliances and an open-plan living area, including bamboo flooring which leads on to a timber deck.


“They responded to all of my concerns all the way along. They were very good. I was there every day poking around and I can tell you not one bad thing went into that place… And when it was finished, when I got the key, it was ready for a tenant immediately. There was not one thing I had to do extra and we had it tenanted in a week.”